IMT Group Val-de-Reuil

An institution that is growing

At the heart of the basin of the Seine-Eure Agglomeration Community (CASE).

Pictogramme groupe IMT - Plateau technique de développement et de production d'industrie de santé et de beautéThis training center is located in Normandy, at the heart of the Val de Reuil pharmaceutical and cosmetics center, which employs around 4,500 employees, mainly in the production sector.

The workshop of the establishment of Val-de-Reuil has equipments which allow professional trainings with put in practical situation: Laboratory equipments type microscope, Granulator, industrial system of filling Minidosa, Mireuse







IMT Group Val-de-Reuil

Contact informations

Phone : +33 2 32 50 90 25

Address :
Immeuble Galaxie- Voie de l'Institut
27100 Val de Reuil