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Technical Development Unit

In Tours, 5000 m2 dedicated to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology industries, to train future professionals, employees and temporary workers, and to support formulation and processes development. The UTD is a tool for training (initial and professional), discussion and development of dosage forms for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

IMT Tours is one of the establishments of the IMT Group. It is a unique training center in Europe. The IMT Tours facility covers 5000 m² (including 2,000 m² of GMP-like technical platform) and pharmaceutical laboratory space. Located in Indre-et-Loire, it is equipped with industrial and semi-industrial facilities. It immerses our apprentices, the future Operators, Technicians, and Engineers of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in the reality of a pharmaceutical production laboratory.

Designed as a real pharmaceutical production site. Spread over two floors, the Technical and Development Unit (UTD) in Tours (37) houses equipment from pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories that place learners in real work situations. This platform, while respecting flows (materials, personnel, and products) and constraints (checks, procedures, Controlled Atmosphere Zones), allows for the exploration of an entire pharmaceutical manufacturing process across multiple galenic forms.

Four pilot pharmaceutical laboratories:

Dispersion and cosmetics with a specific area dedicated to colored products (lipsticks, foundation, etc.),
And dry forms.
These pharmaceutical laboratories are supplied by a reception area, a warehouse (raw materials and packaging items), a weighing center (Erea). Product controls can be carried out on-line or in the control laboratory (raw materials, bulk, finished products). A portion of the building is dedicated to technical training (1st and 2nd level maintenance) and packaging line operation.

In constant vigilance, the UTD continues a policy of acquiring new equipment to adapt to industrial evolution.

Our pharmaceutical laboratories dedicated to learning IMT Tours benefits from a Technical and Development Unit (UTD). Its pharmaceutical equipment is industrial and semi-industrial, allowing apprentices regular practical experience. They immerse future pharmaceutical laboratory technicians, engineers, and operators in a pharmaceutical production laboratory and enable them to learn all its intricacies. These practical experiences are real assets for understanding real situations, their difficulties, and challenges.

Thus, IMT Tours aims to be a mini-factory with activity areas:

Logistics (warehouse, weighing center, etc.).
Dry forms laboratory (wet granulation, LAF, dry granulation, compression, capsule filling, and coating).
Liquid forms laboratory (dissolution reactors, filling, lyophilization, sterilization, work in Controlled Atmosphere Zones, etc.).
Paste forms laboratory (mixers, dispersers, homogenizers, controls, etc.).
Pharmacopoeia and semi-automatic mirage zone.
Packaging line and maintenance (blistering machine, cartoner, checkweigher, datamatrix / serialization).
Analysis and microbiology laboratories.
Additionally, based in Tours, our Vocational Training Center (CFA) is a unique structure in France that welcomes apprentices placed in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, or cosmetic industries.

Our Training Programs offered at IMT Tours: Preparatory Training: Production Operator in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics

This training aims to acquire a foundation of technical and transversal knowledge and skills, allowing either direct entry into employment or further training in a longer, qualifying, or certifying program.

The Preparatory Training Program for Production Operators is promoted and funded by the Center-Val de Loire Region.

Duration: 12 weeks of training / 3 weeks of internship.

Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics Technical Operator (OTPCI)

This level 3 certification training allows for training in pharmaceutical manufacturing practices in drug production positions. Learners are also trained in the manufacture, standards, and formulations of cosmetic products. With this certification, you can also apply for positions as sterilization agents in a hospital environment and thus conduct job searches in the health industries sector.

Industrial Maintenance Technician (TMI)

The Industrial Maintenance Technician provides technical support to operators and intervenes directly on pharmaceutical and cosmetic equipment and installations. They contribute to production performance.

Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics (TPCI)

This level 4 training aims to learn the trades of the pharmaceutical (medicines) and cosmetic production sector. This training will put technical skills to the test by experimenting with pharmaceutical processes. Upon completion, professional insertion is recommended in a pharmaceutical group or in the pharmaceutical industry sector.

Higher Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics (TSPCI)

The Higher Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics, offered by the IMT Group, is a level 5 certification training that allows learners to handle the production and manufacture of pharmaceutical products such as medicines and cosmetics in a pharmaceutical laboratory. Moreover, it enables quality control, quality assurance, improvements, and ensures pharmaceutical control processes, etc.

BTS Bioanalyses and Controls (BTS Bioac),

Bachelor Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering (TSBI),

Professional License “chemical and pharmaceutical processes engineering” in partnership with Cnam Center-Val de Loire.

Diploma in Biological Engineering, 5th year, with the Tours establishment – training provided at the Bio3 Institute (37) in partnership with ESITech Rouen.

Specialized Master in Cosmetic Industrialization Project Management.

Erasmus program: As part of the Erasmus+ program, supported by Europe and the Center-Val de Loire Region, IMT Group offers its apprentices linguistic and cultural preparation before their departure for a 26-week European internship.

IMT pathway: Apprentices can do an internship in a European country thanks to the Erasmus+ program.

Start dates for the upcoming sessions: Preparatory Training: April 3 to July 18, 2024 (Blois) OTPCI: February 2024 (internship) TMI: December 2024 (internship) TPCI: October 2024 (internship) TSPCI: October 2024 (internship) BTS Bioanalyses and Controls: October 2024 (apprenticeship) Professional License: September 2024 (apprenticeship) Bachelor Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering TSBI: October 2024 (internship) / October 2024 (apprenticeship) Engineering Diploma: September 202

If you want to apply for a training or if you need more information about IMT Group, don’t hesitate to contact us at or through this form. If you want to, you can also call us at 02 47 713 713. We will get back to you quickly.


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