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The IMT Group offers personalized support in finding a company for your apprenticeship, guidance throughout your training, and you will incur no registration fees.

Discover the IMT training programs in Lyon and the apprenticeship opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

In Lyon, the IMT Group upgrades its training programs and equipment. Additional certifications, new apprenticeship pathways, top-notch equipment for bioproductions… In Lyon, the IMT Group fine-tunes its offerings. Find the complete article by clicking here.

From transformation to production, the training provided by IMT Lyon is at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry. Its innovation and economic growth make it an essential sector of today’s job market.

A technical platform in the pharmaceutical industry

Located on the 2nd floor of the Pôle des Métiers et Technologies de l’Industrie (an area of over 30,000 m² created by the Institut des Ressources Industrielles), the IMT Lyon technical platform is dedicated to pharmaceutical forms (dry forms, liquid and sterile forms, paste forms), chemical galenic forms, and bioproduction (especially vaccines).

During this training program, the apprentice will develop expertise in production and transformation. They will take part in the drug development process. Manufacturing and industrialization will be at the core of the pharmaceutical industry training. The ultimate goal will be for the apprentice to develop technician skills.

In conclusion, the IMT Lyon technical platform allows industries to benefit from professional situational experiences and to improve their skills in pharmaceutical production and particularly vaccine production.

The training programs offered at the IMT Lyon establishment:

Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics (TPCI),

This professional certification at level 4 is delivered by our organization. Continuing this training as a Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics allows individuals to specialize or learn a specialty in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a major dynamic sector, central to the issues of our current society.

Higher Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics (TSPCI),

Offered on Parcoursup, the Higher Technician training in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics is a level 5 certification delivered by the IMT Group.

Continuing this training allows apprentices in the pharmaceutical industry to apply for jobs in the production of drugs and cosmetic products. It also provides access to support roles such as quality assurance or galenic development, etc.

Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering (TSBI).


This training is a professional certification at level 6. Indeed, it is delivered by the IMT Group. The trained apprentice or professional will be ready to work in production or within support services: qualification and validation, industrial development, and continuous improvement in health biotechnology industries.

Specialized Master’s Degree in Cosmetic Industrialization Project Management,

This Specialized Master’s Degree (MS) stems from a partnership between ITECH Lyon (engineering school) and the IMT Group. The “Cosmetic Industrialization Project Management” MS program is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The aim of this program is to train Directors or Managers involved in the manufacturing of a cosmetic product. They must master cosmetic formulation, the challenges related to industrial transposition, and their implementation. The training is carried out in alternating rhythm, combining the teachings with the project or mission carried out by the learner for a company.


Start dates for the upcoming sessions: TPCI – January 2024 (internship) TSPCI – October 2024 (apprenticeship) Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering (TSBI) – October 2024 (apprenticeship) / December 2024 (internship) Specialized Master’s Degree in Cosmetic Industrialization Project Management (in partnership with ITECH Lyon School of Engineering) – early 2024


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