Bio3 Institute – Tours

Bio3 institute, in partnership with University of Tours

BIO 3 Institute, a miniature bioproduction factory, is a life-size training site and shared technical platform for academic and industrial researchers in the fields of pharmacy and cosmetics.

The Bio3 institute is a gateway between the theoretical training of Biotechnology applied to health and well-being, and the industrial practice in pharmaceutic and cosmetic bioproduction.

If you want to see the full presentation of the Bio3 Institute, watch the video below.

The courses offered at the Bio3 Institute are :

  • BTS Bioanalysis and Controls (Bioanalyses et Contrôles)
  • TSBI, Technician Specialised in Industrial Bioproduction (Technicien Spécialisé en Bioproduction Industrielle)
  • A degree in biological engineering with a focus in bioproduction (Diplôme d’ingénieur(e) Génie biologique option bioproduction)

The next sessions (2022) will start in:

  • BTS Bioanalysis and Controls : October
  • TSBI : October
  • Biological engineering : September

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Bio3 Institute – Tours

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