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The IMT Group establishes itself in Hauts-de-France !


With the opening of its 8th training center, in the heart of the Lille metropolitan area, the IMT Group continues its commitment to offering a local solution to industrial companies, particularly in dynamic investment zones.

Driven by the regional economic development agency Eurasanté and the competitiveness cluster Clubster NSL, the health and nutrition sector in Hauts-de-France boasts 1,100 active companies across various fields: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medtech, hospitech, e-health, silver economy, and specialized services.

Numerous industrial players are present in the region, including AstraZeneca, Biocodex, Delpharm, Diagast, Genfit, GlaxoSmithKline, LFB, L’Oréal, Minakem, Pharmatis, Sanofi, Unither, West Pharma, etc.

Located at the heart of the Eurasanté park, an excellent site dedicated to cutting-edge activities in the health sector, the IMT Group opens its premises. The park currently brings together 200 companies and organizations employing 3,700 employees and 20,000 students. This ecosystem, spanning over 300 hectares, constitutes the largest hospital-university campus in Europe.


Eurasanté Lille – IMT Group


In close partnership with Eurasanté and with the support of the Hauts-de-France Region, the IMT Group will progressively deploy a pedagogical platform to offer learning by doing training programs to learn through practice. Operator, technician, and higher technician training programs will be quickly established to address the significant recruitment challenges faced by companies.

It is estimated that nearly 4,000 jobs will be created in the next three years, following numerous industrial investment projects announced in the past year. The opening project of the new LFB site in Arras, representing a €550 million investment, demonstrates the economic vitality of the health sector.

SKILL ENHANCEMENT In addition to retraining job seekers, particularly through the “Une chance pour soigner” program implemented by Eurasanté and the regional council, the IMT Group will also promote the integration and qualification of young people through apprenticeships. Another major challenge is the skill enhancement of existing employees to ensure the success of industrial projects in the region.

Start dates for the next sessions :

TPCI : October (internship) / October (apprenticeship)

TSPCI: September (internship) / September (apprenticeship)


For more information about the IMT establishment in Lille, please contact us via email at or by phone: +33 3 66 19 46 10 or 07 84 12 18 92.

Establishment Manager: Mallory Tilloy.



IMT Group Lille

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