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In France’s first biopark, Genopole®

The platform is dedicated to the sectors of biodrug R&D and production, formulation and pharmaceutical manufacturing of liquid and paste forms.

A technical platform dedicated to biotechs: the training center in Evry

IMT Evry is based on the site of the Genopole biocluster in Ile-de-France. This biocluster brings together 85 companies and 21 pharmaceutical research laboratories dedicated to health biotechnologies (notably gene therapy, cell therapy, cell bank, viral vectors).

The IMT Evry platform, covering 750m2, is intended for professional training in biotechs through professional situational experiences that address research and development in the health domain. The site allows for an understanding of gene therapy, cell therapy, cell banking, and viral vectors.

What are biotechnologies? Biotechnologies are the intersection of life sciences with innovative technologies. The application domains are varied: environment, health, pharmaceutical and cosmetic bioindustries, and agri-food. In the health domain, biotechnologies enable significant advancements.

Biotechnologies are mainly used in the health and cosmetic industries.

Primarily dedicated to the field of genetic engineering, biotechnologies act on the living genetic heritage, decipher it, analyze it, and allow modification, particularly in the agri-food domain.

Biotechnologies are used daily in the design of medicines to research the causes of diseases, design, test, and produce medicines.

What are the professions? This developing sector offers numerous job opportunities. The training programs offered by IMT Evry range from technician to higher-level technician and specialized technician in bioproduction.

Key biotechnologies and bioproduction equipment at the Evry technical platform: Bioproduction:

Culture laboratory: PSM amplification, incubator, 30L culture reactor, 2L Single Use reactor, cell counter, inverted microscope.
Clarification laboratory: centrifugation, depth filtration.
Purification laboratory: TFF Centramate, squid frontal filtration, preparative chromatography.
Fill & Finish laboratory: vial filler, lyophilizer, 2-door autoclave, weighing, pH.
Chemical galenic:

Liquid forms laboratory: dissolution reactor, weighing, agitators, pHmetry, conductimetry, osmometer.
Paste forms laboratory: disperser mixer, weighing, turbid test type agitators, microscope, viscometer, homogenizer.
The biotechnology training programs offered at IMT Evry: Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics (TPCI),

This Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics (TPCI) training allows obtaining a professional certification at level 4. IMT Group is the certifying body.

Following this TPCI professional training course, the learner can apply for positions in the production of medicines and cosmetic products.

Higher Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics (TSPCI)

The Higher Technician in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetics training allows obtaining a professional certification at level 5. With IMT Group as the certifying body, following the TSPCI training allows the learner to apply for positions in the production of medicines and cosmetic products. It also enables access to support functions: in quality assurance, galenic development, qualification/validation, and continuous improvement.

New: BTS Biotechnologies Bac+2

The higher biotechnology technician works either in research or in industry. They apply biological, biochemical, and biophysical techniques to produce substances usable in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or agri-food industries.

Bachelor Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering (TSBI)

Recently, IMT Evry has opened the Bachelor Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering (TSBI), a professional certification at level 6 issued by the IMT Group. The holder will be able to work and apply for various positions within biotechnological industries. They will be able to work in production or in support services: qualification and validation, industrial development, and continuous improvement.

The Medicen Paris Region Competence Commission has labeled the TSBI Bachelor! The Medicen label aims to highlight training programs whose acquired skills meet the identified needs as priorities by the healthtech ecosystem in the Paris region.

Genopole is a public interest grouping aimed at supporting the diversification of bioproduction technologies, innovation, and breakthrough biotechnologies applied to health and the environment. The founding members are:

The Ministry of Higher Education and Research;
The Ile-de-France Region;
The Essonne Department;
The Grand Paris Sud Seine-Essonne-Sénart Agglomeration Community;
The City of Evry-Courcouronnes;
The University of Evry-Val d’Essonne;
The French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon).
To find out about training in health and cosmetic biotechnology professions offered by IMT Group, contact us.

Start dates for the upcoming sessions: OTPCI – November 2024 TPCI – December 2024 (internship) TSPCI – October 2024 (internship) BTS Biotechnologies – September 2024 (apprenticeship) Bachelor Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering TSBI – October 2024 (apprenticeship)

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