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Dreux, at the forefront of industrial needs

The new site in Dreux opened its doors in October 2021, featuring new training spaces and workshops to address the specific needs of industries.

The opening of a training center by the IMT Group in Dreux (28), focusing on production jobs in the health and cosmetic industries, is one of the key actions of the “Territoires d’industrie” contract “Pays de Dreux – Portes euréliennes d’Île-de-France,” signed by the State, the Centre-Val de Loire Region, and industrial stakeholders represented by the pharmaceutical laboratory Ethypharm.

A concentration of pharmaceutical industries The Dreux basin concentrates pharmaceutical industries, which account for 30% of industrial jobs, with companies such as Bailly Creat, Delpharm, Ethypharm, FM Health, Ipsen, LEO Pharma, Norgine, Sophartex, etc. Nearby, there are also cosmetic industry companies in the Chartres area (Coty, Guerlain, Lancaster, Parfums Christian Dior, Reckitt Benckiser, etc.). It is no coincidence that the competitiveness cluster Cosmetic Valley and the Polepharma cluster have their headquarters in Eure-et-Loir (28).

Skills are a crucial issue in these highly industrialized territories: the qualification level is below the national average, with a population distant from employment. Nearly two-thirds of people residing in the Dreux area have below-secondary education, and over 30% of residents live in priority neighborhoods under urban policy. Moreover, the apprenticeship training offer, across all sectors, is almost non-existent.

Aware of the need and challenges in training, the IMT Group will soon establish itself near the city center. It was assisted in finding premises by the Dreux municipality and the Maison de l’emploi. The new site will be operational from September, following significant refurbishment work in the second quarter and during the summer of 2021. With an area of approximately 700 m², it will feature five training spaces: three classrooms, a galenic workshop for practical work on pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing processes, and a technological workshop linked to the industry of the future.

Training from operator to higher technician The IMT Group will create six permanent jobs on-site from May and will deliver training sessions for operators, technicians (manufacturing, packaging, maintenance), and higher technicians every year. These sessions will start in October 2021 as part of apprenticeship contracts or training internships funded by the Centre-Val de Loire Region, alternately organized in Dreux and Chartres. The objective is to be as close as possible to the needs of industries, as well as to young people and job seekers wishing to join the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


Start dates for the next sessions :

OTPCI – December (internship)

TMI – November (internship)

TPCI – October (apprenticeship) and December (internship)


For more information about the IMT establishment in Dreux, please contact us via email at

Establishment Manager: Hugues Delavernhe.


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